Singing Lessons – Vocal Lessons

Can anyone learn to sing? In a word . . . YES!

While everyone has different singing gifts & abilities, everyone who takes voice lessons through Sing for the Health of It will:

  • Get to know your amazing internal instrument . . . your voice!
  • Learn how to make a freer, more beautiful sound that expresses your
    personality as well as the music you’re singing.
  • Learn the fundamentals of music reading.
  • Develop poise and confidence when standing before groups of
  • Participate in performance throughout the year (master classes,
    soirees, annual recital).
  • Be better prepared to enjoy and contribute to college, community,
    church choirs and musical theater productions.

Many of our students are involved in local musical organizations including school/college productions, church and community choirs. Some have gone on to musical studies at New York University/New York City and Metro State University/Denver and have been semi-finalists or finalists in state vocal competitions. Others have studied voice to help them fulfill big personal dreams (listen to former students Crystal and Natasha ).



In your Voice Lessons (for all vocal styles), you will learn about and enjoy:

  1. Technique: Tall/aligned posture; released, low/belly breath;
    suspened ribcage and relaxed jaw.
  2. Repertoire: selecting/performing pieces that supports you where
    you are, challenges you to grow, and lets you shine!
  3. Artistry: gestures, postures, expressions and motivations for an
    authentic/engaging performance.
  4. Musicianship: fundamentals of music reading

We’ll approach sound-making based on your age, vocal needs and the type of music (genre) you want to sing (classical, pop, country, jazz, rock & roll), targeting different aspects of singing to make the right sound for that genre.