VOICE LESSONS: Rates & Fees for All Ages

Billed monthly through Paypal; due by 10th of month

Individual Lessons

25 min/$28
50 min/$48
Target Sessions: $190 for four 50-min sessions and lesson booklet

Small Group/Buddy Lessons (2-4 people)

25 min/$15 per person
50 min/$25 per person

House Calls! Add $.75/mile roundtrip fee added to above rates. Piano or keyboard preferred but not required.

4-Week Target Sessions

Many times we don’t have the time, money or perhaps interest in long-term lessons. Consider taking a 4-week, 50-min “Target Session” where we focus on the area/issue most important to you, including:

  • Basics: Stretch, Stand, Breathe, Sing!
  • It All Begins with Breath: discussion of the breathing process and
    exercises for optimal breathing in singing, with application to a song
    you know (or something new) for practical application.
  • Karaoke Koaching: Do you get the jitters at the thought of standing up in front of people to sing? Like to belt out a tune with friends at your local watering hole? Wonder if you even can sing? Then sign up for some Karaoke Koaching to get ready for your next “performance,”  big or small using the karaoke accompaniment of your choice.
  • Work out that Wobble: discussion and exercises to prevent or work
    out excessive vibrato
  • Aching for Agility a/k/a Loosen Up: Focus on exercises and a song to get your voice moving
  • Opera Only, Please: Vocal technique, interpretation and gestures applied to 1-2 arias.
  • Cabaret Classics: Vocal and mic technique applied to musical theater and/or jazz standards to perform in a piano bar or soiree.
  • I Like Rock-N-Roll: Discussion and exercises to help preserve your voice in pop and rock singing
  • Speaking/Sister of Singing: Posture, breathing, diction, and projection as it relates to the public speaker

Instruction Booklets: These notebooks contain vocal and physical exercises, instructions on song learning, basic musicianship and health tips for singers. It provides information to be covered in lessons and beyond and gives you a place to keep additional handouts.

  1. Little Singers, Grades 1-2: $10;
  2. Young Singers, Grades 3-6: $10;
  3. Growing Singers, Grades 7-Adult: $15;
  4. Silver Singers, Over 60: $12;
  5. Building a Good Foundation: $10; and
  6. Target Sessions: $10.

Song Collections: Song collections with accompaniment CDs enable the teacher to concentrate more on your work during the lesson and help your practice time be more productive at home. These collections contain 10-30 songs, range in price from $18-$35 and are available through the Studio or through the specific linked books below.

  1. Little Singers, Grades 1-2
  2. Young Singers, Grades 3-6
  3. Growing Singers, Grades 7-Adult
  4. Silver Singers, Over 60
  5. Christmas for all ages
  6. French Horn.

FRENCH HORN LESSONS: Rates & Fees for Beginners of All Ages
Billed monthly through Paypal; due by 10th of month

30 min/$20